Is corn a fruit, a vegetable, or a grain?

Is corn a fruit, vegetable, or grain? No scientists or people actually know the answer to this question. There is a debate. Grains are a type of fruit. For this debate, you will need some knowledge on corn. Every silk of corn has something called a pollen tube. A pollen tube is something that dangles so that the corn will get a tiny bit of pollen on its gummed hairs. This happens 400 to 600 times in the growing process. Now to the debate part of this whole thing! 

A very important thing that you need to know is that some of this depends on which part of the plant we eat. Normally foods with seeds are technically fruits. But do we call peppers fruits? No, we call a pepper a vegetable, but what do we call corn? Corn is a seed obtained from the ovary of the corn plant. Corn is a kernel, which is technically a fruit. The fresh part of the corn, which is like the good part of the peach you eat, and the coat of the seed are combined tightly. Now is corn a grain? Cornmeal and corn wheat are grains, so that makes corn a fruit and a grain! The question is, is corn a vegetable? Speaking scientifically, the answer is no. Corn is not super juicy like most fruits. A fruit is something that you can eat straight, like an apple. You can take a bite out of corn, but you need to cook it and put salt and butter on it. So the answer is no to a vegetable and yes to a fruit and grain. 

I chose this article because it was different and interesting. I found this article on Popular Science. This article is important because, in the world, people do not know what to say when corn is said. It is important we know so that we will know what to say when people are talking about corn. It is also just a very cool fact to know about corn.

By Katie 4O

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