Climate Misinformation May be Thriving on YouTube

I read, “Climate Misinformation May be Thriving on YouTube, in Science News for Students.  It is about the misinformation on climate change. Don’t believe everything you watch on YouTube because it is not all true. People, called skeptics, put fake videos on YouTube about climate change and other things too. This misinformation can change the way people look at climate change. For example, if people stop believing it is bad for the world, they will continue to pollute the environment!  Most of the videos you see are true and are made by scientists. When people search words, like “climate change” and “global warming,” a lot of different results come up. The author says that out of 200 videos, 91 were posted by skeptics. Sixteen of them said humans are not causing global warming. There are only 4 videos that show a debate between a skeptic and a scientist. Scientists won by far.

 I chose this article because I watch YouTube and I want to know if what I am watching is true. It is very important for this false information to be taken down. This is not breaking news but it is still important that people know the truth about global warming.

By Mariana 4L

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