The EPA’s roll back of the Clean Water Act could impact drinking water for millions of Americans

President Trump has made a decision to take away the rule that Obama made, which has expanded protection to wetlands and streams that are disconnected from navigable rivers. Scientist Peter Gleick, said “They’re effectively taking us back 30 years in our protections of U.S. waters.”  The 2015 rule that Obama made broadened the control over more waterways and requires industrial and municipal polluters to obtain permits from the EPA to discharge pollutants into more waterways. The EPA says that it is important to the health and safety of the river, and the health and safety of America. President Trump’s decision is not good, because one in three people get their water from the water going into the rivers, and Trump is allowing the country to pollute those waters. Not only the rivers and Americans are unsafe, but the ocean is too, because chemicals such as pesticides, get washed from farms by rain into the river and into the Gulf Of Mexico, for example. This is a problem. America needs clean water to drink. Overall, says Gleick, “We can expect more pollution in our waterways, more threats to drinking water supplies, more court cases, and more confusion about where this country ought to go on environmental protection.”

This is new and important news that all Americans should read. The way we look at the old information makes us think about what Trump is doing. I chose this article because I think it is important for other people to know what is going on in their country and also clean water is very important to all humans. If our water is dirty and polluted, that could cause serious damage to the human body.

By Erys 4L

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