Record heat is burning the Arctic and melting Greenland’s ice

For my science in the news, my article is, “Record heat is burning the Arctic and melting Greenland’s ice.” I will be talking to you about why there is a problem. The things that cause this problem are the temperature, wildfires, and carbon dioxide (also known as Co2).

The first cause of the problem is the temperature in Alaska. In Alaska, the temperature rose up to 90 degrees! Also, Greenland lost up to 2 billion tons of ice in July! In June, there were more than 100 intense wildfires in the Arctic Circle. As you can see, heat is a major issue.

The next issue that I will discuss is wildfires. The rising temperatures and the lack of rainfall in the Arctic have made plants less fire resistant.  When the plants burn, that makes wildfires release CO2, which is bad for the environment. Across Alaska, 400 wildfires were  burning in mid-July. As you can see, wildfires are a big issue.

The last issue is Co2. Higher temperatures and less rain cause these plants called peat bogs to dry out and increases the chances of wildfires. The peat become less fire-resistant.  When the peat bogs dry out more Co2 is released into the atmosphere and increases global warming. The July wildfires emitted  up to 79 megatons of Co2, which is double the amount released in July 2004. As you can see, Co2 is a big issue. 

I think the message in this article is the temperature has caused wildfires and melted a lot of ice.  This is a problem because it releases carbon dioxide into the air. Even though this does not relate to anything we did in science,  this is still important. I chose this article because I thought it was interesting seeing what happened in other parts of the world.  It also does change the way we look at things now by us seeing that Co2,  wildfires, and higher temperatures are  a bigger issue than humans thought it would be.

By Kendall 4O

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