One Million Animal and Plant Species Are At Risk for Extinction

Link:One Million Animal and Plant Species Are At Risk for Extinction

There are many animals (including amphibians) that are threatened or endangered. The article I read is about why amphibians are at risk of disappearing. In addition to previously identified global warming, scientists have recently found that another main reason for the disappearance of amphibians is the results of adverse human activities. For example, deforestation, poaching, and excessive carbon emission, to list a few.

I chose this article because I am eager to help the endangered amphibians. Why should the rest of the world care about this problem? Here is the answer – amphibians can sense natural disasters such as hurricanes or floods coming (they are also called the “canary in the coal mine”). So if we keep amphibians alive, it is also helping ourselves. An efficient way to save these poor amphibians is to live a low carbon life, or a life that reduces driving, deforestation, and many other things we do that result in global warming. This topic relates to what we have learned in science regarding ecosystems. We need to keep balanced ecosystems so that no more animals will be at risk of extinction.

By Evelyn 4L

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