On Moonlit Night, Rodents Find This Owl Particularly Petrifying

On Moonlit Night, Rodents Find This Owl Particularly Petrifying

Barn owls come in two different colors, white and brownish-red. The brownish-red barn owl isn’t fully red and brown; it has some white, but the white barn owl has more white and less brownish-red. Barn owls eat rodents; their favorites are voles. On a dark night, most barn owls catch five voles. This is true for both colors of barn owls. In the dark, voles can’t see the barn owls coming, so it makes it easier for the barn owls. However that is not true on full moon nights. On these nights, voles can see the barn owls better, especially the white ones because the moonlight reflects off their white feathers. Scientists in Switzerland were surprised to discover that the whitish barn owls were better hunters than the reddish barn owls on bright nights. On these nights seeing the whitish barn owls is so scary for the voles that they freeze for five seconds longer than they do for the reddish barn owls. On the bright nights, the reddish owls catch three voles and the white owls continue to catch five.

I thought the article about owls seemed interesting because when we were in Ireland, we got to hold a whitish barn owl. I think owls are very cool because of the way they hunt and eat which is different than other birds. They have very good eyesight and they can look all the way around. This is from a new report that helps us understand more about the animal world and how smaller land mammals react to seeing predators attack. This relates to what we learned because the scientists had to measure how many rodents the barn owls caught and we get to dissect owl pellets this winter! They measured the difference between the two different kinds of owls on full moon nights and new moon nights.

By Cadey 4L

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  1. Kendall says:

    Cool!! I did not know that much about barn owls before. Nice job!

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