For Children With Peanut Allergies, F.D.A Experts Recommend a New Treatment


According to the article,  “For Children With Peanut Allergies, F.D.A. Experts Recommend a New Treatment,” from The New York Times, September 13th 2019, a company called Aimmune is working on a drug to help people with peanut allergies. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had a meeting on Friday, September 13, 2019. During the meeting, they discussed if the drug should be approved or not. The FDA is a part of the government that decides if certain drugs are safe or not and if they are allowed to be sold. The drug to help treat peanut allergies is called Palforzia. Palforzia doesn’t cure the allergy completely, it just helps the patients deal with the allergy more easy. Experts are still trying to figure out if Palforzia has any side effects. Before the drug is approved, companies that make the drug have to have tests done to see if the drug works. Aimmune had the tests done and the experts recommended that that the drug should get approved.

In the US, over 1.2 million kids have to suffer through the terrible and dangerous experience of having a peanut allergy. There were no medicines available to help this condition until Palforzia was made. Palforzia is important because this is the first ever drug that can help with food allergies. If this drug works, then they could make more medicines like it and then save more lives all over the world! I picked this article because my sister is allergic to nuts.

By Elleana 4O

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