Bluntnose Sixgill shark  tagged in deep sea

Bluntnose sixgill shark tagged in deep sea—a fi                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         According to the article, on June 29, 2019, a three seat submarine was lowered into the Bahamian waters of Eleuthera. For the past year or so, scientists from Florida State University, The Florida Museum of Natural History, the Cape Eleuthera Institute, and Ocean X ,a marine exploration initiative, have teamed up to tag a shark with a satellite tracker from a submarine for the first time ever! Their target was a bluntnose sixgill shark: an enormous shark with emerald eyes and six gills on each side of its body to most sharks’ five gills. They are believed to be descendants of sharks from the triassic period when T. rexes and pterodactyls roamed the earth. Sixgills spend most of their time swimming at extreme depths of 4,500 feet below the surface! Since they live so deep below the surface, this makes them a difficult species of shark to study. The International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species classifies bluntnose sixgill sharks as “near threatened’’ but there is not enough data to estimate the population, or to know if the population is rising or dwindling. Once the team found  their precious beast, they tagged it with a three month life span tracker. This means that after three months, the tracker will float to the surface for the researchers to retrieve it.

This article  stood out to me in several ways. It relates with what we are going to learn about in class, apex predators, because we are going to learn about wolves who are apex predators. The information in this article is really important to shark experts or people who are fascinated by sharks because by tagging that one shark, it could shed light on where its breeding grounds are or where they are most commonly found, so you can study them and learn more about this fascinating species of shark! I loved this article because I’m one of those people who is fascinated by sharks.  When I was two, I got a giant great white shark stuffed animal and I still have it!

By Jack 4O

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