Amazon fish species at risk if fires destroy river habitat

Amazon fish species at risk if fires destroy river habitat

There are fires destroying the Amazon this year putting more attention on the issue of deforestation. Deforestation of the Amazon is affecting the river and the fish living in it. Deforestation and human activity are making the floodplain forests worse because the flooded forests are changing the aquatic ecosystem. There are less fish in the Amazon and local fisheries don’t have fish for business. In the Amazon there are more than 3,000 types of fish.  While drought has been a main cause of all the forest fires, people still say that deforestation is the main cause of all the forest fires. One floodplain fire can damage vegetation and it will not grow back as quickly.

The Machado River is a body of water that was formed by the flooded forests. The Machado River is home to a fish named dourada. From December to April ,the water level rises as much as 50 feet, with water spilling over the rivers, making new rivers in forested areas. That means that the fish are always moving. So if deforestation continues ,this important process will stop and the fish will not survive. Scientists are warning that conditions will get much worse and add more threats to the river system that is under pressure from human activity. The research is still going on.

I chose this article because we learned about the Amazon in second grade. We learned about so many cool animals like the clear frog and the emerald tree boa. Reading that the Amazon is on fire made me sad because these animals will lose their homes. The Amazon is important to the Brazilians and to the world. We should stop deforestation because it slows climate change, preserves wildlife, and supports many people as a place to get food and make money. The Brazilian government is stopping the evidence from being heard so it is hard to tell how much deforestation there is.  The scientists say deforestation is the main reason the Amazon is burning this year. I really hope we learn about the Amazon in science this year.

By Hannah 4O

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