New ways to clean up polluted sources of drinking water

Polluted water is a very big problem in our country. For example, in 2014, people in Flint, Michigan, had lead in their water. Scientists are now trying to come up with ways to clean water. Scientist David Reckhow and his colleagues think that we should use ferrate to clean water.  Ferrate is an ion, so it kills bacteria in the water. It also breaks carbon-based pollutants into less harmful chemicals. They think that this will help them unpollute water.

I chose this topic because it could fix many problems in the world.  For example, we wouldn’t have to be asking ourselves if the water is clean or not; we would already know it is. I believe that this is breaking news because it could solve many of our problems. If there is no polluted water, then much fewer people would be getting sick by unclean water. This is why I chose this article.        

By August 4T

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4 Responses to New ways to clean up polluted sources of drinking water

  1. Shreyas says:

    I feel the same way too.

  2. Arya says:

    Great Job!!! I agree now we don’t have to worry about getting sick.

  3. anuzum says:

    This article is important because it tells us about world problems.

  4. nick says:

    I like how you added a lot of details.

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