U.S. Measles Outbreaks Are Driven By A Global Surge In The Virus


There is a big new problem happening with the number of people infected with scary sickness, the measles.  In 1960, the measles vaccine, was created and at that time, there were 3-4 million cases a year. But with the vaccine the cases decreased and the US government declared measles eliminated by the year 2000. Now measles are coming back to the United States, and the number of cases increased by 300% in 2018.

This problem means that the government may force everyone in the country to take this vaccine. One reason why some people did not take this vaccine or did not give it to their children is because they thought that this vaccine could hurt them and cause other problems. The government has to prove to these people that this vaccine will actually save their lives. This topic is important to the world because the measles could be deadly. This is similar to what I have learned because it proves that science is important.

By Raphael 4T

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