Oceans’ fever means fewer fish


Since 1930, some regions have seen a 35 percent drop in individual species that can be caught without harming fisheries.

Do you like eating fish? Well, fish numbers are decreasing due to climate change. Overfishing is making things even worse. Researchers looked at 235 different fish and shellfish populations in between 1930 and 2010. They examined the changes and found out that over the course of that time, even though the habitats were scattered about 38 ocean regions, (so the temperature was a bit different in each place) the sea-surface temperatures have risen to approximately ½ degree Celsius. As the water is getting hotter, the amount of fish-catching has decreased 4.1 percent. eight percent of the habitats examined have gotten smaller because of global warming, but 4 percent have proved that they thrive more in warmer water. An example of a species that is doing better is the black sea bass. It inhabits the northern U.S. coast, but scientist Cristopher Free, says that this species of Bass will “reach its max.” Three  billion people throughout the world eat seafood as their main source of food. So now more than ever, regulators and fishing fleets need to realize the cause of global warming and start taking it seriously.

The reason I chose this article is not because I’m very passionate about fish. In fact, I don’t really like eating seafood at all. I was looking for a good article when the fish picture caught my eye. I thought it looked disgusting, but I clicked on the article. I found out that the article’s topic was actually very interesting. I think this is important to the world because many people rely on fish for food, and if they were to lose the fish, they may not be able to afford other foods, and a lot of the world would be in peril. This article brings the attention that is needed to the fish in the ocean and the people who eat them.

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