A Sperm whale was found Dead with TONS of plastic in its stomach


A young female sperm whale was found dead in Porto Cervo, Italy, with 48 pounds of plastic in its stomach. The plastic inside the whale’s stomach includes disposable dishes, a corrugated tube, plastic shopping bags, and a detergent package with the barcode still on it. The whale was about 26 feet long. All the plastic was too hard for the poor whale digest, but how the whale actually died from the plastic is still unknown. In addition to the young female whale dying, the whale’s unborn baby died with its mother. The World Wildlife Fund said, “Plastic is one of marine life’s worst enemies.” Europe is one of the world’s biggest plastic producers.They dump between 150,000-500,000 tons of macroplastics and 70,000-130,000 tons of microplastics in the ocean every year

I chose this article because I love animals and plastic is killing them! I want everyone to know how horrible and how much damage plastic is doing. Even though plastic is a small thing, like a plastic bottle, some people don’t realize how much damage it is doing to the environment. This is important to the world because now people will be more use less and less plastic and more people will protect the whales. This relates to something we have done in science because we are learned about ecosystems and if whales die out, then it will affect a whole ecosystem. If whales die, then most likely their predators will soon die out too.

By Zizi 4T

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