New device translates brain activity into speech. Here’s how.

Brain Activity To Speech? It’s Possible!

Below: The stamp sized machine.

Have you lost your ability to speak? This new device detects electrical activity and uses it to synthesize dialogue.Five participants who had lost the ability to speak read hundreds of sentences, and the device decoded it all. It decodes the lips, jaw, and tongue’s action. Another study used the same device, but with a different view at the study. The first used vocal tracks, this one did not. “The brain is the most efficient machine that has evolved over millennia, and speech is one of the hallmarks of behavior of humans that sets us apart from even all the non-human primates,” said Gopala Anumanchipalli, University of California, San Francisco. Some sounds and sentences were harder to decode, and although it wasn’t perfect, it worked and they are still trying to make it better.

I chose this article because it is a very big discovery in science. We used to think that if you lost your voice, it was gone for good.This changed how we looked at that. I also chose this article because I know that if you have lost the ability to speak, it is a big deal. We use talking for a lot of things. This is new breaking news. This will save your voice!

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