‘That Can’t Be Real!’ Deep-Sea Explorers Find Trippy, Rainbow-Colored Wonderland


I found this article, written by Stephanie Pappas on April 8, 2019, to be very interesting. It was interesting because the article talks about how scientists discovered hydrothermal vents in the deep Gulf of California that shoot out boiling hot fluids. The structure that the fluids come from is most unusual because it built itself in 10 years. Before that, there was nothing there, but now it is a rainbow seascape.

Scientists also found microbial mats in the Guaymas Basin in the central Gulf of California late last year. They sent a vehicle with no driver that could take pictures underwater. They saw a lot of 3D seascapes and they thought there were hydrothermal vents nearby. In February of this year, they launched another vehicle that was equipped with high-definition cameras to get better pictures of the deep sea. The photos showed many tube worms and many, many species they didn’t recognize.

The team also discovered a hydrothermal vent that hadn’t existed in 2008. The hydrothermal fluid flow has increased because the dissolved minerals and metals in the fluid reacted with seawater. They created huge pagodas which changed the appearance of the environment. In some places, the fluid created ledges or round rims that trap pools of chemicals and gas.

What surprised the scientists the most, was that there were different colors ranging from pink to orange to white to yellow to purple. They had never seen a purple microbial mat ever and it was very exciting. As they delved deeper, researchers also found that the hydrothermal fluid was made from manganese and iron. In conclusion, the scientists felt very amazed about this breaking news and their discoveries since they did not expect to find a rainbow under the sea. The leader of the team is counting the days until she can go back because it was very exciting for her.

This research is important to the world because many new different sea creatures were discovered and need to be studied. It changes the way we look at old evidence because the temperatures are different and and extremely hot for worms to grow. I chose this article because I wanted to learn how different colored gases were created under the sea. This article relates to the ecosystems we have been studying in class.

By Helena 4M

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