Green sea turtles were endangered before but now they are coming back again.

For sea turtles that are living in the part of American Pacific island territories and Hawaii, numbers are going up. Between 2005 and 2015, some scuba diving researchers found even more than 3,400 sea turtles. A whole bunch of them were green sea turtles (90.1%). On average percentage, Hawaii’s green turtles grow 8% each year. In the past few decades though, numbers of green turtles nesting has been increasing slowly. So researchers were attached to boats so they could track reef-dwelling animals and the turtles. But sadly problems are happening to the green turtles like habitat loss and global warming. A very important green sea turtle nesting site was damaged due to hurricane Walaka. But because of the Endangered Species Act, they are no longer harmed by people.

I chose this article because I was entertained with the sea and stuff like that. I think it is important to know that green sea turtle’s numbers are increasing. This relates to what we’re learning is because we are in our wolf unit, and our wolf unit it talks about how wolves are endangered animals. I think this is important to the world because now people can know that if you want to ever see a green sea turtle, now you can.

By Layan 4M

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3 Responses to Green sea turtles were endangered before but now they are coming back again.

  1. Arya says:

    Yay!! We can see green sea turtles now!! It’s great that they are free and safe!! Great Job!!

  2. Riya Monday says:

    I loved learning about the sea and globel warming! And I love that I can see a green sea turle!!!

  3. anuzum says:

    That is a lot of sea turtles.

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