Far Galaxies Filled with Dark Matter


Scientists have a theory that most of the universe is filled with dark matter, and to make this theory more possible, they found a new galaxy that is filled with dark matter. The name of this newly discovered galaxy is Cosmic Seagull, and it is 11.3 billion light years away. The reason scientists think that Cosmic Seagull is filled with dark matter is because the farthest stars from Cosmic Seagull are going way too fast to be moved by only the gravity of the galaxy’s gas and stars. And scientists say that is why there is an existence of dark matter in the galaxy of Cosmic Seagull. If the Cosmic Seagull has dark matter in it, then it would be the farthest galaxy with the hypothetical form of matter.

This is news in science that is important because there could be other things in the universe that we don’t have on Earth. I think this is breaking news because it makes us realize that there might be other things that we don’t completely know about like dark matter. I chose this article because I think learning about the other things that are out there in the universe is interesting and fun because there is always something new to discover. In science class, we learned about matter and what types of it there are.

By JP 4M

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