Does Kids Playing Violent Video Games Have Any Change In the Behavior Of the Kids

If you are a gamer and you’ve heard about people saying that violent games are making kids more violent, then go show this article to them and have them read it because they’re wrong. Or if they don’t want to read that much, then I’ll summarize it for them. A recent study in the United Kingdom by Andrew Przybylski and Netta Weinstein asked 1,004 teens and their parents about their aggressive behavior, and the parents and kids’ answers were very similar. Then the teens were asked about the types of video games they played. Based on the rating of these games, almost two thirds of 1,596 games were deemed violent. Then they compared the rating of violence to the teen’s aggression levels, looking for two links between the rating of violence and the teen’s aggression levels. The first was a direct relationship that the teens who spent more time playing violent video games developed aggressive behaviors. The other was “a tipping point;” this means that they developed aggressive behaviors but only after a certain point. They found no evidence for either. Przybylski and Weinstein think that most studies of video games are biased because maybe the researchers went in expecting a particular result. Then if they didn’t get want they predicted, they kept doing it in different ways until they got what they predicted. To avoid this, they registered their experiment and analysis before starting. This was only a single point in time for the teens, and maybe future studies over years of the video games could help give the final verdict on whether violent video games do make people more violent. Przybylski said, “Games are meant to be fun. If they stress you out, or you don’t feel good about them, spend your time doing something else.”  

I chose this article because I’m a gamer and am tired of people telling me that violent video games will make me violent. I wanted to prove them wrong. The information in this article is important because many people think that playing violent video games makes you more violent. This does not relate to what we are learning in science.   

By Shreyas 4L

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