Antibiotics save lives—but misusing them could lead to millions of deaths

Antibiotics save lives—but misusing them could lead to millions of deaths

Use only the medicines prescribed by a doctor, and use the prescribed dosage, frequency of dosage (how often to take it), etcetera. Don’t take an antibiotic for a cold or the flu, either. Otherwise, you could catch a horrible or infectious disease. Although infectious diseases aren’t as dangerous as non-communicable diseases like heart disease, they have started to build up immunities to the medicines used to treat them and therefore become even more severe than normal. Also, these microorganisms can deal even more damage to people who aren’t otherwise healthy, e.g. someone having surgery, because their home is an infected hospital. The previous sentences help explain why 700,000 people a year already die from these diseases, and how that 700,000 could turn into 10,000,000 if nobody acts. One possible solution is to tie together the health of us, animals, and even our environment-put laws to make sure people don’t overdose with the medicines and make them equitable to use.

The reason for the resistance is genetic mutation, an example is how the flu changes every year, and part of the reason is that people give the germs too long to adapt. Organic food helps the cause, too, because many of the antibiotics used for farming are bad and may help the genetic mutation. The US has the worst role in this agricultural catastrophe, but only 60% can kill human-affecting diseases. The genetic mutation is, believe it or not, faster than scientists can block the mutations, which just proves more that these diseases equal to the diseases they were said to be submissive to. Remember, medicines are helpful, but an overdose of any medicine can hurt more than you-it can cause a genetic mutation.

For science, this article means that genetic mutations exist and can be extremely deadly, and buff man’s enemies. This news has probably been creeping up for years, so it’s not breaking at all. It slightly may change the way we look at our old evidence about genetic mutations, as they used to be all but enemy of mankind and are now vicious. I chose this article because it looked interesting and because I thought I knew a little about it-I didn’t- but it slightly relates to our human body unit in first grade. Finally, this information is important to the world because it teaches citizens and farmers how deadly genetic mutations are and how to stop them. My conclusion is that, while medicines were designed for good, side effects do exist, you shouldn’t take it unprescribed, and not listening to a doctor can literally come back to bite you.

By Zack 4L

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