Washington Nurse Likely Infected At Least a Dozen People with Hepatitis


A nurse in Washington probably infected at least 12 different people with Hepatitis C. She had most likely infected them by an injectable drug. Health officials were investigating the outbreak last year where two people got hepatitis C. The two were treated in the same emergency room in Tacoma, Washington. Both of the patients did not have typical risk signs, although both were treated with a injectable drug, opioid. Now the kicker is that they were also treated by the same nurse. Studies showed that both of them had the same genetic strains of hepatitis C, meaning they were infected by the same thing even though they did not know each other. The researchers wanted to find more, so apparently the nurse had used the hospital’s drug dispensing system more than anyone other nurse. That same nurse also tested hepatitis C positive. They found out that she was using the drugs for her own use. They also found out that she used the same syringes that she used on patients. That is not even it, the nurse also infected a total of 13 people. The nurse was then stripped of her license.

I choose this article because I am very interested in anything medical, it really interests me. The more people who do what the nurse did, the more outbreaks we should be expecting in the coming years. This may not be breaking news, but it should not be ignored or this will be breaking news.

By Zachary W. 4M

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