What is climate change doing?



Climate change is doing much more that people think, causing weird weather change, increasing the sea level, and heat is rising. The reason why the sea level is rising is because the heat is melting the ice in the arctic and the antarctic. There are also droughts that are killing people’s crops. And 2018 was a costly year for the US, too, with a total of 14 weather and climate disasters, each exceeding $1 billion, according to the NOAA. Many animals are also suffering from the heat and tide. People might not realize it, but climate change is caused mostly from the pollution of humans.

Scientists also predict that the temperature will increase 2.5 to 10 in the next century. Also climate change creates heavy rain storms due to the heat. The heat is affecting the water by evaporating it, turning water into heavy rain storms. Besides humans, many things cause climate change, like volcanoes erupting, the sun spewing out less and more energy than it should, and the Earth distance changes from the sun.

I chose this topic because one, I’m not a big fan of the heat, two, this may cause serious damage to the world, three, if people keep this polluting up, then the tide, heat, weather will really start to change. But I don’t want to be a protester about climate change, it will be way too hard. Anyway, thank you for reading this article and think about if you would like to put a stop to climate change.  

By Jayson 4M



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