What are black holes?


You would think a black hole is an actual hole. Once something goes in it, it can never get back out because the gravity is so high, it does not have enough force to get out. A black hole is so strong that light cannot even get out of it. There are so many black holes in our whole galaxy, the Milky Way, and more will keep getting formed. If you cannot imagine the size of a black hole, picture the whole New York City and a black hole over it.

For science this means that it is unsafe to visit and learn about black holes. This article is not breaking news because scientists already found out about this. This does not change the way we look at our old evidence. I chose this article because I thought it was interesting to learn about space. This information is important to the world to learn to not go close to black holes. This does not relate to what we are learning, but it did last year in third grade.

By Nicholas 4L

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