The Israeli Moon Crash Reminds Us That Lunar Landings Are a Pain in the Butt

In my opinion, this article is really about how computers were a “pain in the butt” for the Israeli spacecraft, Beresheet. On April 11, 2019, the Beresheet crashed into the surface of the moon while it was trying to land. The Beresheet was an unmanned spacecraft, created by Israeli company SpaceIL, and was supposed to land on the moon. First, the crew on Earth lost communication with the ship, and the engine shut down when it was four miles from the surface of the moon. They finally reconnected, and then they realized that the lander crashed at a high speed on the moon. A reason the spacecraft crashed is because it lacks the human intuition. For example, Neil Armstrong almost ran out of fuel looking for a good landing spot on the moon. So since the Beresheet had computers instead of a human crew, they couldn’t find a great landing spot.

In my opinion, this article means a lot to science and to the world. One reason is that with all of this new technology, it still makes moon landings incredibly hard. No matter how good the technology is, computers still can’t make the decisions as well as humans. Right before I picked this topic, I finished a book called Endurance. Endurance is an autobiography about Scott Kelly who spent a year in space. This article has a lot of information, but none of it relates to what we learned in class.

By Charlie 4M



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