The First Picture of A Black Hole


The Event Horizon Telescope is one of the biggest cosmological challenges ever undertaken: Take an image of the huge black hole at the center in Messier 17, using a telescope the size of the Earth. Now, the Event Horizon team has announced they have good news to share about those efforts. On Wednesday, April 10th, it’s anticipated they will show a photo of the event horizon. Before they do, they wanted to share this 2016 conversation with Event Horizon who is director Shep Doeleman and black hole expert Priya Natarajan, in which she discusses about how dark black holes can be.

I think the  first picture of a black hole is a big achievement in human history. A new goal for NASA is sending a human to Mars. I think this will be very helpful because humans can live on Mars. I also think this will be a big achievement because we can get more resources.

By Hudson 4T

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