The coolest cars from the 2019 New York Auto Show

The coolest cars from the 2019 auto show.

Automakers don’t announce lots of special products at expensive auto shows as much they used to; this means that events like New York International Auto Show are shrinking in popularity. Just because the events have shrunken in popularity, that doesn’t stop car makers from making us cool new concept cars, new product models, and exciting pieces of technology that are unique from unremarkable new models this year. Some of the favorites on the New York International Auto Show, now going on at the Javits Center in Manhattan, include some of these noteworthy new vehicles.

Kia HabaNiro concept. Kia’s cool new concept car is called the KiahabaNiro a combination of habanero pepper and the company’s Niro EV, and the designers were trying to hit the expectations with a bright red cabin finish. It eschewed the lavish application of leather, uning boucle fabric instead to make a cushy impression. More importantly, the cabin is filled with technology, like a full windshield with Head-Up Display that can be used to show movies during lengthy drives when the car’s autonomous driving system is engaged

Volkswagen I.D Buggy. VW’s modern electrified try at the classic Meyers Manx dune buggy, which made its global debut in Geneva, arrived in the U.S for the New York show. It is called the I.D Buggy. Fittingly, VW recruited Bruce Meyers, the Manx’s maker, to go to the show and oversee the Fern Green descendant of his classic beach machine. The I.D Buggy is made on the same modular electric car platform that will power VW’s up coming generation of EVs, just as the Beetle’s platform rolled under the original VW bus, pickup truck, Thing off-roader, Squareback, and other models.

Genesis Mint concept. The diminutive two-seater city car concept’s green hue wasn’t exactly mint green, but the car is small enough to be a breath freshener. Also fresh is the thinking behind its bench seat, though there is no provision for three abreast seating as there are only seat belts for the two outboard positions. Another throwback design aspect is the use of six discrete small displays that each show a single parameter in the fashion of traditional mechanical gauges. In a steampunk touch, they are trimmed in copper bezels.

2020 Lincoln Corsair. Lincoln completed the remake of its product line with its return of English words as names, instead of the alpha-numerics favored by European prestige brands. The Corsair wants to give traditional American comfort to the compact crossover segment, with no concessions to either off-road pretensions or would-be road racing capabilities for circulating the Nurburgring. Instead, the Corsair includes conveniences like being able to use a smartphone as a key, unlocking the car, and starting the engine to drive. It further features Ford’s key panel for entry in case the phone battery is dead and on-screen code for starting the car.

2020 Hyundai Sonata. The Hyundai’s Sonata sedan debuted at New York with an array of innovations. Like the Corsair, the sonata gives the ability for customers to use their phone as the car’s key, and it does so at the lower price of a mainstream brand. The Sonata’s signature feature is the chrome strips that come from the side mirrors to the corners of of the car’s headlights. The end of the strips, near the headlights, is laser-cut with tiny holes, and lead daytime running lights behind the chrome strips cause the ends to light up when the car is on. They appear as conventional chrome trim the rest of the time.

I chose this article because I like the concept of cars. This is important to the world because in the future, people can look at older cars like these to help design newer cars. This relates to what we learned in science class because to make a car you need a circuit and we learned how to make circuits in science. This is breaking new because the cars each provide something special, like the Kia can play movies, the Volkswagen is electric, the Genesis Mint is a throwback, and the Lincoln and the Hyundai can use a smartphone as a key. This changes the way we look at old evidence because back in the day you couldn’t open your car without your key or watch movies when you are sitting in traffic, so this makes it so drivers can focus on something else instead of them having to keep track of their keys and other things like that.

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