People may indeed have a sixth sense — for magnetism

Do humans have a sixth sense?

Many animals have a sixth sense, it is magnetism. This means you can sense Earth’s magnetic field. Magnetoreception is its real name. And now scientists are thinking that humans might have it, too, by the facts of study of the brain. In the study people are shown to react with a brain wave pattern when they are close enough to a magnetic field, but only if it moves the right way. This is a big step in brain research, and if the scientists prove they are right then maybe in school there will be six senses!!! They tried an experiment. There were 26 people in the experiment, closing their eyes and wearing hats. The hats are a piece of technology that record your brain’s electrical activity as the magnet moves from one place to another north east, west or south. The four people facing north the magnetic field went down and that was in the direction of the Northern Hemisphere. Then the alpha waves dropped by 25%!!! And that was just because of rotation. And even more amazingly, no one sensed anything when the magnetic field was pointing up. The conclusion was there needed to be more proof for it to be a sixth sense.

I chose this article because it looked cool and interesting. This does not relate to science class because we are not doing a study of the brain or finding a sixth sense. This means in science that there might be a new sense. This is not YET breaking news because it needs more proof and evidence. And it will change the way we look at the brian.

By Riya 4L

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