Here’s the First Picture of a Black Hole

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Recently, on April 10, 2019, a black hole was first seen by humans. This supermassive black hole is at the center of a galaxy called M87, which is about 55 million light-years away. Sheperd Doeleman and other astrophysicists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center were able to use technology to take the first photo of the black hole. Doeleman says, “It has been such a buildup, it was just astonishment and wonder… to know that you’ve uncovered a part of the universe that was off limits to us.” The concept of black holes was first brought up in the 1780s, but only illustrations and simulations were used as pictures of them.

For science, this is groundbreaking because we were finally able to uncover a part of the universe that was off limits to us. The new image gave us a new measurement of the size and weight of M87’s black hole. I chose this article because I am interested in space and black holes. This information is useful to the world because by adding more telescopes, the team should be able to extend the image of the black hole, which will be able to capture the jets that come out of it. Researchers also plan to make observations using light having a higher frequency, that will sharpen the photo.

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