Airborne Microplastics Are Landing In Remote Wilderness

This article describes the recent discovery of small particles of plastic that travel through the air all around the world, including areas far from dense populations of people. These plastic particles are called microplastics.

Microplastics are formed from larger plastic items, such as water bottles, which break down into small particles and fibers. The microplastics are in the air and also fall when it rains or snows. Recent research has discovered these plastic fragments can travel airborne, thousands of miles, and can be found all over the planet, even in “pristine” locations such as the French Pyrenees.  

 This article is breaking news because microplastics were only known to exist in water and around cities.  This is an important discovery for the environment because plastic pollution is much more common than anyone thought.  The fact that microplastics travel thousands of kilometers around the world, means that no place is free from plastic. Microplastics are in the air and have an affect on people and animals every time they breathe.  It is not yet clear how this will affect people and animal’s health. I chose this article because it describes an environmental issue that is important to future generations of many different species, including humans. This article should inspire everyone to recycle and stop using plastic!

By Sabina 4L

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  1. Sadie Goodman says:

    This article is interesting. I wonder if the particles are small enough for people to breathe in, and if they can hurt us.

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