Could Dumbo ever be real?

Everyone loves Dumbo right? But wouldn’t it be cool if Dumbo was real? It is technically and physically impossible to make an elephant fly using his ears. Baby elephants are small but still they are really heavy and can’t fly. For example, this small elephant looks light, but it is around 200 pounds. Baby elephants would have to be very small, light, and strong for them to fly. Elephants’ ears are not big useless flaps of skin. They’re used for many things. Most elephants use them to cool themselves off and also to communicate by shifting their ears. If A newborn baby elephant (91 Kilograms) was  a bald eagle, it would have to have the wingspan of 80 meters.

I chose this article because I love Dumbo.  It was very interesting to learn that elephants could fly with just a few adjustments for example their  ears would have to be bigger and their bodies would have to be smaller and lighter. Before I saw this article, I already was wondering what it would be like if elephants could fly. Would they be everywhere or would everything just be the same?

By Lola 4T

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