Have We Found Bigfoot? Not Yeti.


This article is about what scientists are doing to see if bigfoot and creatures like him are really out there. Carlot Livquis (a doubter) was approached by a film company to do tests on “yeti” samples. She accepted but she did so  thinking the samples would be from a Himalayan bear. She and her team received 24 samples and began their work. The results were one sample of dog hair and the other 23 Himalayan brown or black bears, not enough evidence to say it belonged to a yeti.

This information says that yetis, if they exist, might be related to Himalayan bears. This is not breaking news but it is still interesting. This research also affects the way people think about Himalayan bears. It makes them think that maybe they mated with another species and that’s how the yeti came to be even though there is no evidence . I chose this article because I thought it would  be cool to learn about yetis. I really like fairytales and many of my favorite stories include yeti-like characters. This article is important to the world in two ways. One way it is important is it says there might still be yetis. Another way it is important is it tells us more about Himalayan bears.

By Caitlin 4L

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