Desert kangaroo rats ninja-kick attacking rattlesnakes

Earlier this year, Rulon Clark and his crew of behavioral ecologists discovered that desert kangaroo rats are kicking rattlesnakes away before the snakes can poison them. Grace Freymiller, a behavioral ecologist, said that it was a surprise to her to see that a rat can  kick a rattlesnake away. The crew wanted to find out how the desert kangaroo rats escape the rattlesnake. The crew went to Yuma, Arizona, to take a video in slow motion to see what was happening. The crew found out that the rats are using speed and a kick to dodge the rattlesnake’s attack.  

I chose this article because I thought it was cool that desert kangaroo rats are battling rattlesnakes with a ninja kick. I was wondering how a rat with a small foot could kick a big rattlesnake. Scientists were also surprised, and now they know it can take as little as 38 milliseconds for the rat’s reaction to take place. This changes the way scientists look at their old evidence because now they see on video how the rat escapes from the rattlesnake.

By Leah 4M

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