Can we predict flu outbreaks?

Most people do not generally think the internet would save lives. For about ten years, epidemiologists and data scientists have been looking on YouTube, Facebook instagram, etc, but not to watch videos, to see who is sick at what place, at what time, and what infection or virus they have. Unfortunately, everybody does not take a selfie and post it on Facebook for the whole world to see, so scientists have a hard time .See, if we don’t have the information about who has a virus, then there is no information to even make a prediction. Influenza viruses kill almost 650,000 people everywhere, every year, including as many as almost 60,000 people in the U.S. Americans pay as much as $5.8 billion in medical care annually to fight the pestilence. If we know when it’s coming, health organizations could push people to get vaccinated. Hospitals could plan ahead. The CDC is collecting as much information as possible. According to a Pew Center Study, more than half the people in the U.S used the internet to find health related information. Svitlana Volkova is a data scientist. She recently verified a new deep-learning way that probes tweets for signs of the flu.

I chose this article because, if we all get the flu they can be prepared and so people do not die, also I am interested in the medical part of science. If we can take the next step we might not even have to worry about the flu, or even other common viruses( the reason why it has to be common is then it won’t be enough information to make people to go to the hospital).

By Zach W 4M

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  1. Sadie Goodman says:

    I never thought that using the internet to find health information could help save your life.

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