These dogs know you have malaria before you do

Just For Safety With Malaria…  

Picture : Sally, a cocker spaniel who is good at her job.

Malaria is global. Dogs are adorable. These are 2 straight-out facts. But dogs are heros that we are not worthy of having. They are capable of a lot of things, and now there is one more thing they might be capable of doing. All around the world, adults and children are getting sick with this disease, while we all are spending $2.7 billion to eliminate malaria. Some researchers in the UK trained some dogs to recognize malaria, and those skills were used to find out if some people with malaria had malaria, but they chose the people without symptoms so the dogs would have a challenge. The disease gives off a strong odor of aldehyde compounds, so the dogs have an easier time finding the malaria. Trained puppies are capable of sniffing out cancer, so it’s not a silly idea. Logan, a researcher who is part of the team, collected socks from malaria-infested villages, worn for 12 to 24 hours. The dogs got it right 70% of the time.

I chose this article because when you are uncertain about if you have sickness, get one of these dogs. This article is important because nurses and doctors can use these dogs. They would help them see if the patient is sick or not. The doctors’ current resources may not be as good. This also gives hope so dogs can sniff out diabetes, flu, and many more. It may also work on infections, too. We have learned that dogs are not just cute, fun household pets, they also can  SAVE YOUR LIFE from infections and, for puppies, cancer.

By Valentina 4T

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6 Responses to These dogs know you have malaria before you do

  1. layla says:

    Great topic! It was really interesting, but what is malaria?

  2. Zizi says:

    I like how you choose a topic that might help the world someday. This article can tell doctors how useful these dogs are for many people that have malaria but don’t know yet. Great topic!

  3. Jayson Park says:

    I hope you are right about that Valentina, malaria is very deadly to us humans.

  4. Riya Monday says:

    That was so cool! I never knew we were spending 2.7 billion to eliminate malaria. Great topic.

  5. Layan Sow says:

    Layan say’s

    I love how you included so much information, and I do want people to stop having malaria. I also loved your topic.

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