Dogs can tell if you have malaria before you can!

Some researchers in the United Kingdom are training dogs to be a able to  smell if you have malaria. Malaria is a problem around the world because in 2016, 445,000 people were killed because of it. The researchers thought if mosquitoes could smell these things, then maybe dogs could. They started to  train some dogs. Some people thought it was a crazy idea, but they tried it anyway. First the researchers collected socks that were worn for 12 to 24 hours by kids in Gambia; then they froze them while they trained the dogs in the United Kingdom.  When they were done, they took the socks out, and the dogs were able to smell the malaria. The researchers were very surprised that it worked. Now they are training the dogs to smell living people!

I chose this article because I already knew that dogs could smell if you have cancer but not malaria. I thought it was very interesting that dogs  could smell things like that. I hope you find it interesting too. I think this article is important to the world because a lot of people don’t know that dogs could do such important things. This  could change the world because it could stop the disease from spreading and get rid of it forever!

By Annabella 4T

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10 Responses to Dogs can tell if you have malaria before you can!

  1. Valentina says:

    I like why you chose this article. It gives the reader hope.

  2. Owen Spencer says:

    I like that you chose this topic. This topic is interesting to me.

  3. Daniel Ehrlich says:

    I like that it is very interesting and well written.

  4. Rani says:

    This article made me learn a lot. I knew dogs could sniff out other things but I did not know they could sniff if you had malaria. This could help many people get vaccinated before the disease gets serious to them.

  5. Sadie Goodman says:

    I did not know that dogs could detect cancer and malaria. Maybe dogs can help doctors detect other diseases with less medical testing in the future.

  6. Jayson Park says:

    This arcticle is awesome, although I am allergic to dogs. But good article!

  7. Morgan says:

    I love to look at animals and read about them, and I think that this is so cool!

  8. lfisher says:

    This article has a good meaning to it. It is also very good to know!

  9. August 4T says:

    OMG this is so cool!! I never knew that.

  10. Riya Monday says:

    I really liked your article! I knew that dogs could smell cancer, but not malaria! Awesome topic.

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