Whales in NYC

 Science Friday Article

Baitfish are attracting whales to the  New York Bight. Some scientists believe the return of the whales is a comeback for wildlife. Environmental laws like The Clean Water Act, have helped make a better environment for underwater animals just like whales. The Fin whale is staying in the Bight, so scientists are using tools to help keep them safe. Scientists are collecting tissue samples to understand important information about the whales.

I picked this article because I love whales. They are cute, cool, and amazing species. Whales are big sea creatures and live in the great sea. They have two of my favorite colors on their bodies, which are white and black. They have very big bodies. When it splashes its big tail, it makes a big splash and waves. The article is important to the world because it allows people  to have an opportunity to learn more about whales. Whales are social creatures, and they will allow people to get close to them. The whales who stay in the New York Bight will attract more people to the city and increase tourism to the area which will help the economy. It will also increase awareness for protecting the wildlife in the New York City area. Also, the whales are coming back because of the clean water. That means if you care about the environment and protect it, then the wildlife will not be extinct.

By Sofia 4M

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  1. ahollingsworth says:

    Sofia, you did a good job. I did not know that baitfish were attracting whales to New York.

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