Video games level up life skills

This article I picked is called, “Video games level up life skills.” I found my article online at the web address: article is about how video games help children in school with grades, socialization, and knowing when to ask for help. Some main points of this article are that children can be more social by playing video games that involve other people. It improves their lives because it builds skills that come in handy in the real world, like job raises and being able to be in different situations easier, which is known as adaptability.

This article means for science that what people thought about video games has made some people think about how they feel about kids playing video games. People won’t be saying to get off of video games as much because it can be helpful to someone. It is breaking news because it is a different way looking at how video games affect kids in a good way, not always a bad way. Therefore, yes, it does change the way we look at old evidence. Hopefully this article will help children not have to get off devices as quickly as parents think they should. I chose this article because I have a lot  of anxiety and this article was interesting to me because it says what I feel, which is that playing video games calms me and distracts me from my anxiety. When I play a video game I can  just be myself. On a video game, I can escape from reality and I can be a kid. This information is important to the world, because I know I am not the only child who has anxiety, and if it helps me to play video games, maybe this article will show other parents it can help their child’s anxiety. This article relates to what we’ve learned because in school we practice conversations, cooperation, and sharing. This article includes all of those topics.

By Ella 4T

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