This Fairytale Mushroom Is Very Deadly

This Fairytale Mushroom Is Very Deadly

This mushroom is very special because it looks exactly like the mushrooms described in fairytales. It is bright red with a white stem and little white dots on the top of it. Although it seems very pretty, it is incredibly deadly to mammals. It can cause hallucinations, euphoria, fear, and other things that are very different from emotions that are considered normal. It is called the fly agaric. It sounds like a peculiar name, but it is actually used to attract flies with milk added to make them disoriented and eventually die from hitting walls and other things. The mushrooms start out as little white egg sort of things and then grow into massive mushrooms. The mushrooms can grow to one foot tall! When they are old enough, the mushrooms can flatten out into a flat plate-like surface that looks like the perfect dish for a small animal. They are found in North America and Europe. The mushrooms are very different from most but are very beautiful. Although they are pretty, please do not eat them!

This article is not necessarily that important to science in general, but it is important to people who go into the forest and taste a mushroom because this one people may come across, and hopefully they have read an article about this mushroom, so they know not to eat it. This is not brand new breaking news, although I find it fascinating. I chose this article because I am interested in plants, and I thought it was just a pretty mushroom, but it is not safe to eat. This information is important because this could help many people who do not know what this mushroom will do to you if taste it. This article relates to what we have done in the garden because we have learned about plants, we have not focused in on fungi though. And in science, we have done a few projects where we grew plants, but like the garden, we have not specifically studied mushrooms.

By Emmanuelle 4T

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  1. jlaroche says:

    I thought this article was very interesting because of how many things a single mushroom can do.

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