Raccoons Pass Famous Intelligence Test – By Upbending it


Most people think raccoons are little creatures who take garbage but there is much more to raccoons then you think. Scientists’ have done an Aesop’s Fable test on these masked creatures, the one when the thirsty cow tries to drink out of the pitcher with the low level of water and the bird gets the water by dropping stones into the pitcher. The scientists put a marshmallow in a tube with water. Two out of eight of them did put the stones in the tube and got the marshmallow. One went on top of it and swayed, then it fell over and gave this raccoon a tasty treat.

This changes the way we look at animals forever. These clever mammals figured out how to do something that was challenging to some humans. I chose this article because I think it is so cool that animals can think like humans. Raccoons are not just animals in the dark. They are interesting and clever mammals. I hope now you think differently about raccoons and not just as those sneaky creatures going through your garbage. So as you you can see, raccoons are very smart.

By Ben 4L

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