Anthrax is Killing Hippos in Namibia

Did Anthrax Kill More Than 100 Hippos in Namibia? – Live Science

At least 100 hippos have died in a national park in Namibia. In a national park called Bwabwata, the first dead hippo was discovered on October 2nd; it was found floating in the water.  Scientists think it is from a form of anthrax found in the environment. They are testing to confirm that it is anthrax.  Some hippos are eating other dead hippos, which gives them the disease. Anthrax is a disease that kills animals and people by messing up the balance of water in the cells, then the cells die and blood vessels can not hold blood. Climate changes may be causing the anthrax problem. Some scientists think spores of anthrax that were frozen have maybe been melting and killing the animals.

This article is breaking news and has changed the way we looked at our old evidence of hippos being fine. I choose this article because I love and care for animals. I think this article’s information is important because now hippos may be endangered.  Also, anthrax may spread across and kill other animals and maybe even humans.. This does not relate to what we have learned in class.

By Annika 4L

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