A New Material

Researchers created a new material that is strong and flexible, and it can go back to the same shape that it was before it got stretched. A lot of scientists tried to make this material by mixing two polymers, a flexible one and a strong one, but no one has been successful until now. Recently, a scientist created it by mixing two polymers, then shooting blue light at it. Blue light was used to help the polymers to start forming and the light triggers its reaction. The new material can be used to make tough but flexible objects using 3D printing. It can also help make longer lasting dental fillings and other things as well. I am excited to see the new things that can be used with this material.

I chose this article because I really want to learn about chemistry. The new polymers can change the engineering industry by creating and distributing new parts in a way that uses the material and digital technologies. It can also help advance the medical industry by creating strong materials for use within the human body. We did not learn about this in class.

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