What Swims Like a Duck and Quacks Like a Duck Could Be a Hybrid of Two Duck Species


Does it really matter that two different ducks are breeding to create a new hybrid duck? Maybe. The two ducks breeding to make this hybrid are the mallard and the Mottled ducks. These ducks breed in the western part of the Gulf of Mexico near the United States. Although not a problem yet, scientists say that one day there could possibly be less of these ducks and more of the hybrid ducks. This is a problem because in the future, these original ducks could cease to exist. Although we would then have new species of ducks, the disappearance of the old ducks could disturb the balance in nature and kill off other animals. To test if this was going to be a bad problem, ecologist Sabrina Taylor and her team studied all three ducks’ DNA. She said there was no reason to be worried yet because only a tenth of the ducks she found in that area are actually hybrids, but scientists should continue to monitor the situation.

I chose this article because I love animals and this topic really interested me. I didn’t know that two different species of animals breeding was such a big deal. This is important to science because it teaches that when one thing changes there can be effects on a lot of other things in the world.

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  1. kaparasnis says:

    I never knew two types of ducks can breed together, but this article told me that!

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