This Cactus Flower Will Surprise You, Someday

This Cactus Flower Will Surprise You, Someday.

There is this type of flower called a Queen Of The Night or the night-blooming cereus. This flower is very special because it only blooms during the night. Before the sun ever gets the chance to touch a petal, the flower wilts. It is a huge flower that is native to the Southwest of the United States, Antilles, and Central and South America. In many places, people hold celebrations to honor the beautiful flower. The night-blooming cereus can grow on the ground and on a tree. “It’s kind of big and gangly and awkward.” says Marc Hachadourian, the director of the Nolen Greenhouses at the New York Botanical Gardens. “But the lure of those blooms is worth it.” The flowers appear to follow the lunar cycle; the night-blooming cereus, pictured above, tends to bloom when a full moon is near. The sweet smell of the flower attracts many pollinators.

This article gives us a closer look at this interesting flower. This is not breaking news, but I find it intriguing. The article explains a phenomenon that not many people know about. I chose this article because I thought the title looked different from the other articles and I think plants are fascinating. The information in this article is helpful to those people who love plants and want to learn much more about plants. This does not relate to what we have learned in science, I chose it for my enjoyment.

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