The Sea Turtles Bounce Back

Sea Turtles Appear to Bounce Back Around the World

The number of sea turtles is starting to bounce back all over the world!  This is good news because a lot of plants and animals have been disappearing and becoming extinct. Sometimes it is because of humans and losing their habitats and climate change. There was a study done by an ecologist from Greece. He looked at data from turtles all over the world over a long time, some for almost 50 years! The data is better if it covers a longer period of time. Certain groups of turtles are getting bigger, and some others this are still declining like the leatherbacks in the Eastern and Western pacific. Many of the reasons they are declining are because of humans. But we know what the reasons are, so we can do something about it. These conservation efforts have helped other groups of turtles this to increase like the green sea turtles in the French Frigate Shoals in Hawaii. Thanks to marine life services, regulating fishing, protecting beaches and much more, our sea turtles can bounce back!

This is brand new breaking news for science because most animals and plants are decreasing in numbers. This shows that if we work to help the animals, we can. The study looked at a lot of evidence.  It’s not new but some of it took a long time to collect. I chose this article because I love animals and care about helping them. We haven’t talked about this in class but this information is important for science and the world because we have to help all the animals bounce back. If we know what things are working to help the sea turtles, this then we might know how to help other animals as well.

by Annika 4L

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  1. cathompson says:

    Wow! I love sea turtles! Nice job! I didn’t know this before!

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