Satellite Photos Reveal Hidden Alphabet on Earth’s Surface

Satellite Photos Reveal Hidden Alphabet on Earth’s Surface

NASA Science writer, Adam Voiland, has been looking for years for the complete alphabet made naturally (e.g. Fjords, mountains, tornadoes, storms, glaciers). He searched for years, going through hundreds of NASA satellite photos. It was a great hit with the public once he published a lowercase letters book, so he went back for the capital letters. Voiland says, “For sure, the hardest one to find was R. Nature just doesn’t like to put straight lines next to curved and diagonal ones.”

Is this simply a coincidence, or is it unnatural? There isn’t an answer to that question yet. I chose this article because I was interested in the title and picture. Although it doesn’t relate to what we’ve learned, after I read the article I thought that it could teach people around the world to respect, care for, and be curious about our Earth, and that is precisely why Adam Voiland wrote his book and posted the photos on an online gallery.       

by Abigail 4L

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