Much Stronger Together

Sawflies do everything together in the larva stage. Sawflies look a lot like caterpillars. They are both soft and many animals like eating them. They protect themselves by getting together and traveling together. An entomologist named Aaron Pomerantz has done research on this magnificent insect. When you look from far away, the sawflies look like a flower on the side of a tree. Aaron Pomerantz discovered during his research that the sawflies were most startled when he breathed on them or put his hand on the trunk of the tree. This is when they wiggled closer to each other. Sawflies travel in groups so when a predator attacks, they seem bigger and stronger than they would be by themselves.

Sawfly larva work together so they do not get eaten because it is easy for one larva to get eaten, but when they are united, it is much harder to eat them. They travel together for the same reason. I think sawfly larva are very interesting because they have discovered that they are stronger and more protected if they come together. This is breaking news because it explains the behavior of some species. Old evidence on other larva tells us that larva is easily eaten by a predator because it is usually alone. The sawfly behavior of sticking together makes it difficult to be eaten. It relates to science class because, like all other animals, its main priority is to survive. This is important to the world because it changes the way we look at larva.

By Ben 4L

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