Cassini spacecraft takes its final bow

This article is about a NASA spacecraft named Cassini that has been gathering information from Saturn. The Cassini has been in space for twenty years but NASA has been gathering information from it for thirteen years. The Cassini has gone around Saturn two hundred times and has given the world more information on Saturn than ever before. On September 15 the Cassini will run out of fuel and crash into the sixth planet from the sun, Saturn. This article is appropriately titled, “Cassini spacecraft takes its final bow”.

This article means for science a couple of different things. The Cassini has studied the rings around Saturn and that information is how scientists learn how planets are formed. It also proves that we can study Saturn for a long period of time. The length is important because I found out from this article that one year on our planet is 29 years on Saturn, which means that The Cassini only studied half a year on Saturn. The new evidence from this article adds to old evidence. Cassini found more facts around Saturn’s outer ripples.

This article stood out for me because I am an actress and its title was, “Cassini spacecraft takes its final bow.”  I felt I would be interested in this article. I also enjoy learning about space.  This information is important to the world because the Cassini has taught the world more about Saturn than any other source. This article relates to what we have learned in Science because last year, in third grade, I did a project about planets. I studied Venus. This expands on my learning of another planet.

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by Ella 4T

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