Small But Mighty


More than 12 thousand species of ants are gallant and dauntless in combat. Megaponera analis, an African ant species, hunt in small crowds for termites. Usually, one ant goes out to find a termite nest, and then calls more than 200 ants to join the feast! Bigger ants break open the nest, and then smaller ants dig in, only to find soldier termites ready to fight. When casualties occur, the ants rescue their injured friends and bring them home to recover. Erik Thomas Frank and the University of Würzburg in Germany did an experiment. They made injured ants try to get back to their home without help almost one third of the ants died off. Then they did the same experiment, except the ants had help. The results were that close to zero ants died on the trip. You think of ants as vicious, gross, or pests, but they really are practical caring insects!

I chose this article because it changes the way I look at ants. This article is important to the world because it helps scientists know how the ecosystem works just a little bit better. It changes evidence from the past because Termites used to be maintained isolated from the ants, but now they are not. This article relates to how we studied that wolves helped their wounded.

By: Fox Quattrone 4T


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