Wild elephants sleep for only two hours at night


This article is about how little sleep elephants need in the wild. In the wild elephants sleep for 2 hours on an average day. Scientists observed elephants in captivity, and as it turns out elephants sleep for 3 to 7 hours in captivity. They figured out these facts from elephants in the wild, like how many hours they sleep, how many steps they take, and what foods they eat, with a tracker device, a little bit like a Fitbit. This device goes around their trunk. Imagine having a 40 pound metal tracker on your nose, it would hurt, but it didn’t hurt elephants. They barely felt it because of their 250 pound trunk! Studies show that an elephant could go 46 hours without sleeping! Until scientist started tracking elephants, horses held the record for mammals only needing 3 hours of sleep and donkeys were only needing 4 hours of sleep. Most people think you need sleep to restore your brain. Although if you think about elephants are known for having a great memory, as they say, an elephant never forgets. So scientists have figured out that sleeping probably doesn’t effect your brain.

What this article means for science is maybe sleep isn’t as important for resetting your brain and memory, as was once thought. This was a newly discovered pattern in elephants. I thought this article was very interesting and I never knew these amazing facts about elephants and other mammals. This is important to the world because maybe sleeping might not be as important as people thought. It relates to what we’re learning in class because elephants are mammals, like the wolves, and maybe mammals and people don’t have to sleep as much as we thought.

By Zoe 4L

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2 Responses to Wild elephants sleep for only two hours at night

  1. ereyes says:

    Wow, I thought they slept as much as humans!

  2. abooth says:

    Oh my, that’s not a lot of sleep!

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