Why the next flu medicine could come from frog mucus


Every year, about half a million people around the world are killed by the influenza virus. Scientists have been trying to find a vaccine to stop influenza (the flu) for a long time. Recently, scientists at Emory University made a very important discovery by learning that the mucus found on the skin of frogs can help fight the flu virus. Scientists decided to test the frog mucus, because they have known for a long time that a lot of plants and animals like frogs are covered in peptides that help fight germs. Joshy Jacob, a flu expert from Emory, wanted to see if frog mucus could help fight viruses that attack people. He was very surprised to find that the frog mucus was like a flu vaccine. One day, scientists hope to use what they have learned to make flu vaccines to help people in the future.

This article is very important for science, because the frog mucus could help create vaccines to keep many people from dying of the flu. This article talks about something new for the science world. It changes the way we look at our old evidence, because now we might be able to make new vaccines with this new information. I chose this this article because it relates to my early childhood when I had the flu when I was four years old. This article has information that is important to the world because it will inform other scientists working to make new flu vaccines and it will possibly help people fight against the flu in the future. This relates to what we have studied in previous years in science class at Hackley because we learned about the human body in first grade.

By Joujou 4M

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  1. myalmokas says:

    That is very gross, but also cool! I think that it is interesting that frog mucus is being used for flu vaccines!

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