New Tech Harvests Drinking Water From (Relatively) Dry Air Using Only Sunlight

An invention that will blow your mind… Have you ever wondered what would happen if we ran out of water? If you have ever thought about that, then don’t worry because there is a new device that can generate drinkable water from desert air using nothing but sunlight. Before, they could only harvest water from the atmosphere if there was a lot of humidity. The new technology is only the size of a coffee mug and it can harvest water even where there is low humidity (event at 20% relative humidity).

This invention is important because people who live in dry areas like the desert would like to find a new source of water and an easier way of finding it. The new technology is better than what was used before to harvest water from the atmosphere. Before, they could harvest water only in high humidity areas, and it took a lot of energy and time. The new device, invented by Evelyn Wang, MIT mechanical engineer, and Omar Yaghi, University of California, Berkeley chemist, is improved. The invention is the size of a coffee mug and uses a layer of MOF-801 (microcrystalline powder form) mixed with copper foam. In the shade, the prototype collects water vapor from the air. In the sunlight, the water vapor moves into a chamber. As it cools, the vapor converts into liquid water. The harvesting process takes two hours.

This device can be used as a way for any single person to always be supplied with water. The same invention can be used for a whole community if the device is made much larger. This becomes more important for those who live in dry areas such as the Middle East and North Africa. As global warming impacts our weather system, rainfall is less predictable. So, even in areas where there was plenty of water in the past, this new invention becomes important.

By Isabella 4L

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5 Responses to New Tech Harvests Drinking Water From (Relatively) Dry Air Using Only Sunlight

  1. fjones says:

    I can’t believe that. Now, it means that even if the world runs out of water, we can still get some water from the desert.

  2. melee says:

    This is very cool because it’s a new machine that produces water.

  3. edoherty says:

    Awesome! Now people won’t be thirsty in the desert!

  4. zkalapoutis says:

    This is amazing, and I never knew about this new machine.

  5. nbentsi-addisonposey says:

    This is incredible, and I can’t wait to see how it impacts the future.

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